In our last blog post, we talked about all the ways Trendsetter Homes is setting itself apart from the competition in the way we design and build our homes and how those points of differentiation directly benefit our homebuyers.

But it doesn’t end there. We are dedicated to keeping the focus on you, the homebuyer, in ways you may not have even considered possible.


The Homebuyer Comes First – Convenience and Consistency

We are dedicated to being available when you are. We think you’ll appreciate the fact that, beginning with our soon-to-open Twin Lakes model home, we have made a commitment to sales centers that are open seven days a week.

Shortly after the Twin Lakes Grand Opening, we’ll be opening three additional communities in 2020, each with its own full-time, dedicated sales staff, further underscoring our commitment to providing consistency and exemplary service to our customers.

Each sales center and model home will feature state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology to allow you to envision many of the customizing features available for you to personalize your new home to your family’s needs.


Have It Your Way

Our furnished and decorated model homes will be styled by Chelsee Sowder of Chelsee Sowder Interior Design, with an eye toward showcasing how Trendsetter home designs work for real people in the real world. In our models you’ll find workable ideas for everyday life, as well as innovative ideas for utilizing space in new and different ways.

In our homes the abundance of name-brand products and components that cost extra elsewhere are included. Our goal is to surprise and delight our buyers with these value-added extras at no additional cost.


After the Sale

And we don’t believe our partnership with you ends once you’re settled into your new home. To that end, we’ve dedicated ourselves to service after the sale above and beyond anything seen in the southwest Missouri area. Warranty work is easily and conveniently scheduled through our unique online portal.

Ultimately, everything we do—from the moment we meet you to the day we hand over the keys to your brand new home and beyond—is with the goal of making sure you feel listened to, understood, and cared for. It’s a business philosophy we strongly believe in, one that we are confident will strengthen our relationships with our buyers while benefitting them in memorable and long-lasting ways.

For more information about Trendsetter Homes or our soon-to-open Twin Lakes model home and state-of-the-art sales center, contact us at (417) 210-7900, visit our website at https://trendsetterhomes.com, or visit our Twin Lakes website at https://twinlakesspringfield.com.

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