A New Home Represents a New Beginning


Purchasing a brand new home is such an exciting experience. You’ve given yourself the great gift of choosing colors, style, and all the little details that make your home fresh and new and totally you. But after unpacking boxes, displaying all your treasures, and arranging your furniture just so comes another choice: how to decorate your new home for the holidays. This can present more of a dilemma than you might think. Once settled into your new home, you may realize that some of the decorations you’ve unpacked don’t really fit your new space. Or perhaps they don’t reflect the style of your new home or the way you’ve imagined your new lifestyle.

Don’t look at this as a problem or a challenge but as an opportunity! It’s the perfect time to express your design sense in a setting that is totally of your own making.

Holiday traditions may remain the same—that’s why they’re called traditions, after all—but the way we represent them in our homes can change. The red-and-green of yesteryear may give way to a gold-and-silver palette this year, or even bright jewel tones. The wreath on your new front door may feature fragrant cedar and festive red berries, rather than the more typical pine and red ribbon of holidays past. Foregoing the multicolor bulbs for the elegance of twinkling white lights—or vice versa—is another way to switch things up. Is there a better time to try something different than your first holiday season in your new home?

Blending the Old with the New


There will always be a place for your treasured memories—the decorations the kids made in kindergarten, the vintage sled found at a yard sale years ago, Grandmother’s antique ornaments, and family photos from Christmases Past. But your new Trendsetter home presents opportunities to create new traditions and memories, too. Gathering the kids into your spacious new kitchen for an afternoon of baking their favorite cookies will become a precious memory for them and for you. Choosing the location for your tree can involve the whole family. Whipping up a large pot of hot cocoa and inviting the neighbors in for a cozy night in front of a crackling fire can signal the beginning of cherished new friendships. And there’s no better way for your children to get to know the other kids in the neighborhood than by heading out for some caroling or ice skating—or inviting them in for a holiday movie night.

Being open to the possibilities means keeping the best of the old while embracing the new. And one thing you can be sure of is this: In your brand new Trendsetter home, you will create memories to last a lifetime in a neighborhood that feels like home.

If you’re dreaming of spending the next holiday in a brand new Springfield, Missouri home, call us today at (417) 730-1843 or you can fill out a form to get in touch with us on on our Contact page. We can’t wait to help you realize your dream! To learn about how you can spend your holidays in our newest community, Twin Lakes at Springfield, click here.

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