Existing Home … or Brand New Home?


Something we hear over and over again here at Trendsetter Homes is that it’s next to impossible to find an existing home that’s exactly what you’re searching for. If you’ve been looking at homes for sale in Springfield, Missouri for any length of time, you’ve likely come to the same conclusion. The house with the workable kitchen doesn’t have enough bedrooms. The one that’s convenient to work and school just isn’t your style. And the last one you looked at needs so much work you dread the idea of taking it on. So many existing homes sound great on paper (or your computer screen), only to disappoint when you really consider your desired lifestyle.

Before you give up, you should know that there is another option: Build your dream home with Trendsetter Homes of Springfield, Missouri!

In a Trendsetter home, the name-brand products and components that cost extra elsewhere are included. Our goal is to surprise and delight our buyers with these value-added extras at no additional cost. But you’ll also have an array of customizing features available to make one of our home designs your very own. The Trendsetter Advantage is our unique approach to delivering the home of your dreams—including the ability to envision your new home before a single shovelful of earth has been moved!

The Hidden Costs of an Existing Home


The expenses that come along with a previously owned home can be substantial. Dealing with everything from relatively minor repairs to worn-out appliances and major systems can add up quickly. It’s a particularly hard hit to your bank account after having just made a down payment and paying moving costs!

With a brand new Trendsetter home, everything is, well, brand new, which means you’ll be relaxing in your new home while others who settled for less are working most of their free hours on repairs and renovations. There’s no substitute for that kind of peace of mind.

In addition, older homes are notoriously less energy-efficient than a new home. In your brand new Trendsetter home, you’ll enjoy both lower monthly energy bills and increased comfort during extreme weather conditions.

A Trendsetter Home is More Than Just a House


A home is your most important and biggest financial investment, it’s true. But it’s so much more than a money issue. It’s the place where family and friends gather for occasions big and small, where all the stages of life are celebrated, and where memories to last a lifetime are made. In short, in your home you create a lifestyle that’s totally, uniquely you. Our mission is to build the home that allows you to achieve that goal. It’s what makes us Springfield’s Preferred Builder.

For more information about Trendsetter Homes or our state-of-the-art Sales Office and Model Home in Springfield’s Twin Lakes community, contact us at (417) 730-1843.

Let’s make 2020 the year we build your dream home … together.

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