This year, Trendsetter Homes selected 13 area Realtors for its Elite Agent Leadership Team. There are no strings attached and no cost to participate for area Realtors.  Our goal is to set them up for greatness, because when they succeed, everyone in our industry succeeds.

The ”Why”

Founder and CEO, Ryan Cantrell, understands the challenges of being a young entrepreneur because he was one. Now a leader in the industry, his goal is to leverage what he’s learned and invest in Springfield’s best and brightest young entrepreneurial minds. 

“My first year in real estate, I built and sold one home and I practically starved to death,” Ryan said. “I didn’t give up, though. I fought and kicked and clawed my way through the uncertainties and adversities of a new business. It’s these experiences that have developed in me a passion to be the best leader I can be.”

As Ryan actively sought out resources and guidance to help develop his leadership skills, he ignited a passion from within to pass along this knowledge to the young leaders of tomorrow. And that’s the “why” – because he believes the lessons he has learned should not be kept quiet.

“If I can invest in your lives and watch you become passionate about developing your leadership skills, our community wins as well as each person you touch,” said Ryan.

The “What”

Let’s be clear, this program is not about selling homes and will not teach you how to sell more homes. This program is designed to teach you the leadership skills necessary to accelerate your professional development.

Over the course of a year, Trendsetter Homes will invest in you with zero strings attached. We’ll host monthly events for the group and provide materials such as a goal-setting planner, leadership books, and leadership seminars. This will include business classes where you’ll learn things that real estate trainings just don’t cover – like setting up an LLC, starting your own business, and what questions to ask an attorney or CPA during that process.

If young leaders welcome and adopt what they learn here, they, like Ryan, will carry those principles with them throughout their careers and lives.

“If you embrace the idea of servant leadership, you can change the world – and that’s not a cliché,” Ryan said. “When you become a better leader, people start to follow. When people follow, you have influence. When you use that influence for good, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy.”


The “How”

To be selected for the Elite Agent Leadership Team, you must be recommended by a member of a peer group or broker as a future leader in the Springfield real estate market.

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